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Alarm Coordinator 913-327-6832
   Animal Control - Missing, lost, barking, loose, injured or dead, exotic or wild – 913-895-6300
   Pet licenses 913-895-6150
Arboretum & Botanical Gardens 913- 685-3604
   Safety, Code questions 913-895-6225
   Inspections 913-895-6220
   Permits 913-895-6205
City Clerks' Office 913-895-6150
City Council Office 913-895-6105
City Manager's Office 913-895-6102
Community Centers  
   MRCC, 8101 Marty 913-895-6350
   TRCC, 119th and Lowell 913-327-6645
   Fines, warrants, court dates 913-327-6800
   Services - parole, evaluation, diversion, probation, education 913-327-6700
[email protected]
Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead 913-897-2360

Fire Department

   Public Information Officer


Flooding Issues 913-895-6223
   Sykes/Lady Overland Park Golf Club 913-897-3809
   St. Andrews Golf Club 913-897-3804
   Tee time reservations 913-341-8100
Hazardous Waste Disposal 913-715-6900
   Aquatics/pools 913-895-5158
   Jobs 913-327-5627   
   League rainouts 913-895-5020
   Report a pothole 913-895-5010
Mayor's Office 913-895-6104
Parks and Recreation  
   Classes/leagues, reserve shelters or rooms 913-895-6390
   Parks & Forestry 913-327-6630
Police Department  
   Call in police reports 913-327-6855
   Child safety seats 913-895-6419
   Investigations 913-327-6836
   Non-emergency, dispatch 913-895-6300
   Records, police reports 913-327-6881
   School resource officers 913-327-6926
   Towed vehicles 913-327-6909
   Other Police areas, administration 913-895-6000
   Public Information Officer - Police 913-327-6937
Pothole Posse 913-895-5010
Property Maintenance  
   Structural: windows, doors, roof, guttering, paint, grass or weeds, illegally parked vehicles 913-895-6270
   Sidewalk or driveway repair or construction, storm drainage 913-895-6270
Public Information Officer 913-895-6109
   Public Works: new streetlights or signals, construction, curbs and gutters 913-895-6040
   Streetlights, signals, signs that need repaired 913-327-6600
   Commercial signs, banners and special use permits 913-895-6217
   In residential areas 913-895-6270
Soccer Complex 913-685-1512
Swimming Pools  
   Matt Ross Community Center, 8101 Marty (Indoor) 913-895-6350
   Bluejacket, 101st and Bond 913-327-5671   
   Marty, 74th and Conser 913-327-5672
   Stonegate, 97th and Antioch 913-327-5674
   TRAC, 119th and Lowell 913-327-5675
   Young's, 77th and Antioch 913-327-5676
   Trash Hotline: Collectors, recycling, large item pickup 913-895-5160
   On private property 913-895-6270
   On commercial property 913-895-6270
   On streets, city property 913-327-6650

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