Trash & Recycling

Beginning in March 2023, Highcroft Homes Association entered into a five-year contract with Gardner Disposal Service to provide trash, recycling, and yard waste removal for our residents.

Schedule: Monday is our pick-up day. All trash, recycling and yard waste must be at the curb by 6:30 am Monday each week. 

: Because we have a contract for service to over 97% of our residents, we were able to secure favorable pricing and lock it in for five years.  This provides cost savings to our residents, and avoids individual homeowner accounts from multiple providers, and decreases the number of trucks in the neighborhood. Trash payment is to be paid with residents’ annual dues payment in December for the upcoming calendar year.

Container size: Each resident is provided with a 65-gallon trash container and a 65-gallon recycle container. Those wishing a larger 95-gal trash container can call Gardner Disposal. There is an upgrade fee of $42 fee per year.

Yard Waste: Residents must utilize paper yard waste bags (available at many retailers) for grass clippings, leaves or other yard waste materials. Small twigs should be tied in a bundle no longer than three feet in length; each bundle counts toward the bag total limit. There is a limit of eight (8) bags per household per week. If you have more than eight bags, there is a $2 fee for each bag over eight.  You may buy “overage stickers” from Gardner, and place them on the excess bags, or call them morning of pickup and pay by phone. Another option to avoid fees is to ask neighbors to place your extra bags at their curb if they have less than the limit. 

Yard waste will be pickup up from April 1st through December 31st.

Electronics: None of the trash haulers recycle electronics.  Homeowners are responsible for recycling their own electronics, but the city sponsors several recycling events throughout the year.

Glass: Homeowners are responsible for recycling their own glass. There are many receptacles throughout the city.

Contamination: For all recyclables, please clean them from all food and contaminants for the health and safety of the recycling program. For example, rinse all the milk out of a jug before recycling. Failure to do so can result in refusal to collect your recyclables.

Holiday schedules: Gardner Disposal delays pickup for all federal holidays. Generally, our pickup will be delayed until Tuesday if the holiday falls on the Monday; if the holiday is later in the week (New Year’s Day, July Fourth, Thanksgiving, Christmas), our Monday service will not be delayed.  See their website for specific information   

Large item pickup:  Our HOA contract allows for one bulk item pickup per year, on a date to be determined by Gardner Disposal. No construction debris, hazardous materials, nor freon-related appliances (freezers, refrigerators, air conditioners) will be picked up. Outside of this scheduled date, you may request a bulk/large item pickup by contacting Gardner Disposal.  Fees start at about $25.

The Board thanks you for your continued support of keeping our development clean and safe.  This helps us maintain the value of our homes.  We would like to remind everyone that according to Overland Park’s regulation: 

No Owner or occupant of any Dwelling Unit with individual Solid Waste and recycling service shall place any Solid Waste (including bundles of Yard Waste), Recyclables or Solid Waste or Recycling Containers in front of the front building setback or existing building line or in the public right-of-way more than 24 hours in advance of the scheduled Collection.

If you have an issue with your trash service please contact Gardner Disposal Service 

    Phone: (913) 856-3851

Office hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday - Friday. An answering machine is activated for calls after 5:00 pm and calls are retrieved the next business day.